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Raising Oysters Since 1895 and we love it!

With more than 100 years of history, knowledge and first-hand experience in the shellfish business, we believe our cultured oyster products are the best available. We believe you will too!

We go to great lengths to create the perfect oyster. A rigorous grow-out process ensures the elongated teardrop shape and deep cup our oysters are known for. Our premium growing grounds ensure the best flavor possible.

Meet our family of oysters!

Salinity: Medium salinity
Size: Average 3”
Taste: Salty upfront followed by hints of cucumber and melon

Grown on the historic Watch House Point oyster grounds located on the southern tip of the Eastern Shore of Virginia where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. This area is known for its pristine waters and great tasting shellfish.

Salinity: High salinity
Size: Average 3.5”
Taste:  Salt, salt, and more salt!

Grown in the salty waters surrounding Chincoteague Island and Assateague National Wildlife Refuge. These oysters are raised by Mike McGee, a true “Old Salt.”

Salinity: High salinity
Size: Average 3”
Taste: High salinity up front that fades into bright, sweet hits of celery and grass

Our finest oyster, Misty Points are raised on exclusive grounds in the pristine seaside waters of Virginia. These top-shelf oysters are perfected through intense husbandry that creates their deep cups and great taste.

Salinity: High salinity
Size: Average 2 1/4
Taste: High salinity up front quickly transitioning to a sweet grassy finish


Misty’s little sister, Chunu oysters are for the discerning oyster lover. These petite oysters are similar in shape and size to Kumamoto oysters but has the great taste of the Misty Point.

Salinity: High Salinity
Size: Average 3”

These are the original ‘salt’ oysters that Virginia is known for. Though the size varies more than our cultured products, these are a true salt flavored oyster.

Salinity: Low salinity
Size: Average 3 1/2"”
Taste:  Sweet with a buttery finish

Wild oysters harvested from the James River on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Low salinity oyster with a thick heavy shell.These value oysters were once so plentiful they were referred to as "White Gold" by Captain John Smith

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