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Handling Tips

We promise to maintain our quality and give you a shelf life of seven days if you treat us right.

Here are four simple rules to follow:

Keep us cool.

We like to be stored at 40° to 45°F, preferably in a walk-in refrigerator. If you use ice, please avoid direct contact with our shells. Insulate us from ice by using butcher paper, trays, seaweed or a container such as a basket.

Let us DRAIN.

We will drown in melted ice or in our own juice if you don't allow for drainage.

Let us BREATH.

Hey, don't forget we're alive! We'll suffocate if we're over-wrapped or sealed in an airtight container.


We don't like sudden changes in the weather any more than you do. Store us away from drafts and blowers in walk-in refrigerators.

Now that you are shellfish-ucated, Try some of our delicious clams and oysters.

A word About "GAPERS". When we're out of the water, you may occasionally catch us with our shells open. Don't worry, nothing is wrong. Just tap gently on our shells. If we close, then we're fine. If not, we should be discarded.

A majority of health professionals agree we should eat fish or shellfish regularly. It's easy to substitute clams and oysters for other protein foods including soups, and pasta recipes.

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